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Click the image to learn how to affordably reach new customers.

Click the image to learn how to affordably reach new customers.

When you make a traditional advertising buy, chances are you are buying more territory than you need—and paying more than you should.

Newspapers, cable television and others charge for their extraordinarily large market areas. If you need only to reach consumers or other businesses closer to home—and want your ad budget to reflect that—WHAV is the only choice.

When your business underwrites WHAV, it receives prominent exposure (at rates substantially more affordable than traditional advertising). Underwriting also demonstrates unrivaled elegance, wins the loyalty of a thankful public and greatly leverages your other community investments by providing free programs for the same charitable and civic causes you already support.

More people receive their local news from WHAV than from all other sources combined. Choose an affordable advertising/underwriting package now.

 Introducing ‘Talking Banner’ Advertisements

Now, WHAV banner ads, available in a variety of sizes, give Web viewers the handy options of hearing your on-air message, visiting your website or both. Advertisers also have the option of playing full commercials or a personal message rather than just their on-air underwriting messages.

“Talking Banner” ads—another WHAV innovation for reaching those local buyers you seek! A variety of packages are available to fit any budget.

To learn more, call 978-374-2111, ext. 111, or use the handy form below.

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