The Merrimack Valley Project to Discuss Immigration Issues on WHAV’s Open Mike Show Monday

Members of Haverhill’s chapter of The Merrimack Valley Project are set to join WHAV’s Frank Komola for the Monday, July 10 broadcast of the Open Mike Show and the public is invited to take part in the evening’s discussion.

Local co-chairs Alice Mann and Fermin de la Cruz will be in studio Monday for the broadcast and available to chat with listeners between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Founded in 1992, the MVP brings together 30 member groups from across the Merrimack Valley to promote peace and understanding among congregations, labor unions and community-based organizations.

Have a question you’d like asked on Monday’s Open Mike Show? Leave it in the comments for host Frank Komola to read on air! To participate in the on-air discussion, call 978-374-1900.

The Open Mike Show is heard every Monday, live, over 97.9 WHAV FM. It may also be seen at and WHAV’s Facebook page.



  1. Jack Haverhill said:

    Thank you WHAV for the opportunity to provide specific questions to the members of this group.

    Frank….It is no surprise at this point that the MVP is an advocacy group made up of far left wing liberals who are major supporters of criminals entering and being in this country illegally. Don’t get sucked into their trap of manipulative liberal language to support their positions. Please do not let them refer to “legal” immigrants in the same context as “illegal criminal trespassers” in this country. Groups like MVP try to control and spin the issue with such terms as “illegal immigrants” and “undocumented workers” and “unauthorized immigrants” and “illegal aliens” and “Dreamers” to detract from the factual reality of them being “criminals” the first step they take into this country. This is not a debatable issue.

    The expressed goal of the MVP is to assist criminal trespassers in the Merrimack Valley in any way they can. I would encourage you to start the program by asking them directly…

    Why should people support the MVP when their stated goal is to support criminals in this country illegally who are imposing incredible social, criminal and financial burden upon legal citizens?

    The MVP is aiding and abetting criminals in the commission of a crime…how is that logically acceptable?

  2. Duncan Burns said:

    Here’s a primer:

    Does The Merrimack Valley Project help victims of crimes committed by Invaders?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project like wage suppression?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe in the rule of law (cognizant it is usurped/ignored at all levels of gov’t)?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe The United States should have open borders (i.e. no vetting process, lack sovereignty)?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe LEGAL immigrants should be literate in both their own language as well as English?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe Illegal Invaders should be deported for crimes committed upon The American People?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project like the increase in income disparity in Massachusetts (Boston #1 city in the country) that comes with immigration?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe Illegal Invaders should be eligible to receive taxpayer funded assistance (i.e. health care safety net)?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe that having uneducated adults, illegally entering The United States, having children (thereby 14th Amendment become citizens), and watering down our education system?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe that LEGAL immigrants should be entitled to indefinite public assistance?
    Does The Merrimack Valley Project believe The United States has enough problems with its indigenous population and should there be a cessation of immigration so we can tackle our domestic issues first?

    • jack said:

      Anyone know where their money is coming from ? That would be a good indication of their actual mission here. Great questions but the questioner needs the answers and stats to some of those questions. The cost of supporting these folks is humongous and I bet these people have no idea about that.

      • Jack Haverhill said:

        Jack, in a recent article about the MVP a spokesperson for their group estimated that approximately 15% of all students in the Haverhill school system are “immigrants” (their code word for illegal invaders). If that is true, that means 1,117 students, using last year’s Haverhill enrollment statistics, are children of parents illegally living in this country. The cost of that to taxpayers? With the cost to educate one student in the Haverhill school system being $12,000 per year, that means taxpayers are paying $13.4MILLION a year to educate these kids. And this just the cost to educate them. It does not include all the other social welfare programs that they benefit from.

        The number is humongous as you say. And that’s why the liberal traitors like the mayor and Andy Vargas never talk about facts and the math of their insane public policy.

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