State Police K-9 Tracks Fleeing Suspect in Methuen Car Crash Leading to Arrest

State Police K-9 Devaney tracked a suspect involved in a two-car Methuen crash, apprehending the person after a chase into the woods off Route 213. (Courtesy photograph)

Canine cop to the rescue! Massachusetts State Police K-9 Devaney was dispatched to Methuen over the weekend to assist with a suspect who fled the scene of a two-car crash on Route 213, with the German shepherd and his human partner, Trooper Chris Thurlow, arresting the suspect after a foot chase.

Andover-based Trooper Alex Vath attempted to pull over a driver on Route 213 just before 7 p.m. on August 5, briefly pursuing the vehicle after it failed to stop. Terminating his pursuit for safety reasons, Vath was later dispatched to a two-car crash scene to assist Methuen Police. One of the drivers involved in that crash was behind the wheel of the same car he tried to stop, and fled from officers following the accident.

State Police Trooper Thurlow, working a nearby construction detail, was called in with his dog Devaney to track the suspect. Police say Devaney tracked the suspect’s scent through a parking lot and into a wooded area near the accident scene in order to apprehend the driver, who surrendered without incident.

The suspect was taken into custody on several charges including a second drunken driving offense and motor vehicle violations.

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