River St. Manufacturing Company Relocating to Haverhill’s Hilldale Ave. in $6.2M Expansion

Haverhill's Plastic Distributors and Fabricators plans to relocate from River Street to Hilldale Avenue as part of a $6.2 million expansion. (Courtesy photograph)

After nearly 40 years doing business on Haverhill’s River Street, Plastic Distributors and Fabricators is planning to relocate—but isn’t ready to leave the city the company calls home. As part of a $6.2 million expansion announced by Mayor James J. Fiorentini last week, the veteran small business will stay in the city and add jobs when it moves to a larger facility at 144-160 Hilldale Avenue, Fiorentini’s office said.

Following the renovation of an existing vacant building—and a five-year, multi-million dollar investment in the site—the company will move 42 full-time employees to the new headquarters. Fifteen new positions are expected to result from the expansion.

“This is a great company that outgrew its current location and was at risk for leaving the city, potentially taking many good jobs with it,” Fiorentini said in a statement. “We were able to negotiate an agreement that no only allows them to stay in Haverhill, but to invest in a new, larger site and create new jobs. The city, state and company all worked together on a deal that is good for everyone.”

Known as PDF, the company is set to receive state tax credits as part of the agreement with the City of Haverhill and the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council. Early estimates from the city assessor put the tax reduction at approximately $2,000 annually.

Fiorentini plans to bring his request for the negotiation of a final agreement to the City Council at Tuesday night’s meeting.

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