97.9 WHAV FM


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Cable Television (subject to interruption)

  • Andover: Channel 8
  • Atkinson, N.H.: Channel 20
  • Methuen: Channels 8 and 22 (Comcast); Channel 32 (Verizon Fios)
  • Plaistow, N.H.: Channel 17
  • Sandown, N.H.: Channel 17

A special thanks to the boards, management, staffs and members of the stations above for bringing WHAV to those without Internet access! If you would like to hear WHAV on your cable television system, call your cable company or public access station. For more information, call (978) 374-2111.


  1. Joe Edwards said:

    Happy to hear the Marijuana law is taken care of . 3% tax back to the city will be quite beneficial I’m hoping that the tax money will be shared equally by the city and school department to be added income and not part of any budget funding. Let’s take advantage of this situation. No rainy day fund. Spend it now where it is needed we face rainy days( not enough cash) every day

    • News Editor said:

      Steve, Thank you for your feedback. It is highly unusual for WHAV to interrupt drive-time with a special. However, it is a rare sponsored broadcast, aired as a public service.

  2. Steve said:

    5:30ish PM. I’m in the car driving along listening to WHAV then BANG… no music. Instead a broadcast of a meeting and a reply of it. Not even live. Couldn’t be a worse time to through that in. Rush hour? Once people turn to a different station they don’t come back. Just my 2 cents. Otherwise I love the music.

  3. Paul said:

    love the music selection . This is great radio. Just wish I could get the station all the way to work.

    • News Editor said:

      Thank you for listening and your kind comments. For longer distance commutes, you could try using WHAV’s stream on your smartphone and connecting it to your speakers.

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