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Gates: Income Tax Should be Paid on Robots Replacing Workers

Gates: Income Tax Should be Paid on Robots Replacing Workers

Microsoft founder Bill Gates. (Creative Commons.) By Doug Cunningham In an interview with Quartz, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says if robots replace workers, they should be taxed like workers. Gates says the money could be used to transition workers who lose jobs to robots into other jobs. He added, companies that replace human workers with

National Protests as Judge Stays Trump’s Immigration Order

Protest in Boston Sunday. By Doug Cunningham Protests against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban on Muslims erupted at airports around the nation over the weekend. U.S. Judge Ann M. Donnelly granted a temporary stay on deportations against people from the seven predominately Muslim countries targeted by Trump’s order. The judge held that there’s “strong likelihood

North America’s Building Trades: Trump Pipeline Moves Gives Hope

The Dakota Access Pipeline project under construction. (Creative Commons.) By Doug Cunningham President Donald Trump met with building trades union leaders and reiterated his interest in infrastructure projects to create jobs as he moved to restart the Keystone XL and Dakota pipeline projects. Sean McGarvey, president of North America’s Building Trades unions, says Trump “gave

Massive Worldwide Protests Kickoff Resistance to Trump

Scenes from Boston protest. (Kim Di Camillo photograph.) By Doug Cunningham More than two and a half million people greeted America’s new president with worldwide protests against all that he stands for over the weekend. The Woman’s March On Washington drew half a million and protests happened in cities across the United States and the

Recalling Martin Luther King Jr. on Labor Issues

By Doug Cunningham As the nation commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King’s struggles for justice—and as we face the beginning of another momentous struggle with its own March On Washington in just a few days—let’s also remember Dr. King’s defense of worker rights. He was killed by an assassin’s bullet while in solidarity with striking Memphis

Nurses Push for National Standard to Prevent Workplace Violence

National Nurses United Co-Presidents Jean Ross, Karen Higgins, Deborah Burger. By Doug Cunningham National Nurses United (NNU) wants OSHA to promptly pass regulations to prevent violence in the delivery of healthcare. The union registered nurses testified at Occupational Safety and Health Administration hearings on a national standard to prevent workplace violence in healthcare settings Tuesday

SEIU Airport Victory Shows Power of Worker Movements

Members of Service Employees International Union, Local 32B, during a parade on Sixth Avenue, New York City. (Creative Commons.) By Doug Cunningham Eight thousand New York/New Jersey airport workers are voting this week to ratify a new union contract as members of Service Employees International Union, Local 32B. This victory came after five years of