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Why We Just Know Things

Srinivasa Ramanujan. In 1913, Srinivasa Ramanujan a 25-year-old Indian accounting clerk and self-taught mathematician wrote a letter to the leading British mathematician of his time Godfrey Harold Hardy. In it, he asked Hardy’s opinion regarding equations and ideas he had about numbers. This letter led to Ramanujan coming to Cambridge University in England in 1914

Pondering Reliable Wisdom

 J.K. Rowling reads from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at the Easter Egg Roll at White House. (Photograph by Daniel Ogren. Creative Commons.) I recently began writing and publishing weekly articles about work, life and success principles. For me this work continues to be very meaningful. Writing is not easy, it takes time and

Breaking Bad Patterns

A business acquaintance said to me, “I just knew today was going to be another one of those days.” Our conversation continued with this person communicating everything that went wrong at work the day before and the meeting they were totally unprepared for as a result. They had hoped for a less stressful and frustrating

Do What Matters

Vernon Louis “Lefty” Gomez’s 1933 Goudey baseball card. I was organizing notes when I came across a recent Super Bowl LI article on Tom Brady. It reminded me about his multi record setting performance leading the New England Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl win. With this win he is arguably the greatest quarterback ever

Good or Bad

More than 2000 years ago Confucius said, “To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.” Many people have a hard time letting go of the negatives in their life. We know we’re supposed to suck it up, persevere and get back in the game in the face of adversity and failure. But

Patriots Belief and Winning

Tom Brady. (George J. Abraham photograph.) “Toss to White…HE’SSSSSSSSSS IN! Patriots win the Super Bowl!” That’s Fox sportscaster Joe Buck’s call of New England Patriots running back James White’s overtime touchdown run. With this run on Sunday the New England Patriots did what no team in 50 previous Super Bowls was able to accomplish. They

Passion and Space

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. (Photograph by Larry D. Moore, Creative Commons.) Do you ever think to yourself if only I can just figure out how to do what I’m really passionate about? Then everything will fall into place and my career and life will be great. My own life proves that uniting what we