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Future of Local News is in Your ‘Selfie;’ Help Before WHAV’s Saturday Year-End

Future of Local News is in Your ‘Selfie;’ Help Before WHAV’s Saturday Year-End

In the last few weeks, 97.9 WHAV FM has earned public praise for its objective and critical analyses of gang violence and the proposed, but contentious, city budget. Deep digging, time-consuming research, interviews with multiple sources and viewpoints and quality writing comes at a great cost. Yet, WHAV managed to undertake these projects even while

WHAV Seeks Local News Reporters

A three-alarm fire is raging downtown, police have taped off a city block after reports of shots fired and the City Council just reached an impasse on a spending plan. It’s all happening during a typical, frenetic radio news deadline. If you thrive in such a pressure-filled environment and can quickly turn out a clear,

Education Reporting at Risk as WHAV’s Year-End Approaches

Last August, 97.9 WHAV FM took on an ambitious “Back-to-School Countdown,” reporting daily on preparations for fall school openings. Parents and children learned about school bus route changes, departures of key leaders, new teachers and staff, cellphone rules, distribution of new technology such as iPads, additional classrooms at jam-packed schools, athletic deadlines and much more.

Have You Heard Mavis?

Mavis Mayes from Haverhill, Suffolk, England, in the Edwin V. Johnson Newsroom at WHAV. WHAV Historian David Goudsward goes a long way to make sure of the facts. Earlier this year, while researching the other Haverhills of the world for a WHAV “Haverhill Heritage Series” story, he decided to first find out if residents are

Thanks and Giving

“Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron, who began his career at WHAV in 1972, came back to broadcast live last June. (Cindy Driver photograph for WHAV News.) The board, management and staff of Greater Haverhill’s only public radio station—97.9 WHAV FM—give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day and every day for support from donors like