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Donald John Trump was a featured speaker at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). (Michael Vadon photograph.)

What Should We Do About a Mentally Ill President?

What Should We Do About a Mentally Ill President?

It’s time to state the obvious: The President of the United States is deranged. I don’t mean he’s merely idiosyncratic, nor do I say this as a political jab. I mean that Donald J. Trump literally is mentally ill. Okay, I’m no doctor, but you don’t need a doctorate in mental disorders to see that


Guest Opinion: Council Tax Vote Wasn’t a Balanced Decision

By Demet Haksever Economist I can’t be happy with the council’s vote last night although there was a small improvement in division of taxes. It again ended up giving tax breaks to the commercial and industrial property (CIP) class, while increasing taxes for the homeowners. Homeowner’s taxes will now increase by $58 instead of $88


Computer, Phone Makers Should Face Prosecution for Fraud

Opinion By Tim Coco It’s about time technology executives and board directors face criminal charges for committing a disproportionate share of America’s consumer fraud. Few consumer protection lawsuits have been filed against companies like Apple and Microsoft even though those companies release products that, at times, simply don’t work. If you buy a new toaster,

VNA Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month

October 10, 2014 To the Editor: Please join Home Health VNA as we celebrate National Physical Therapy month, which is held every year in October.  The purpose of National Physical Therapy month is to raise public awareness about the restorative and therapeutic benefits of physical therapy and to help educate the public about the vital


Opinion: Not Good Bye Mr. Holder, Good Riddance!

By Tim Coco In announcing the resignation of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. yesterday, the New York Times reported, “Mr. Holder, 63, has been the most prominent liberal voice of the administration, leading its push for same-sex marriage and voting rights.” I don’t know about his record on voting rights, but the Times couldn’t

Burger King Pulls a Whopper on Us

Burger King, the fast food giant, bills itself as “Home of the Whopper,” a name intended to convey to burger eaters that this one is jumbo, chockfull, and a whale of a deal. But “whopper” also means a prevarication, a crock, flim flam, a tall tale – ie, hogwash. Both meanings apply to Burger King’s

In solidarity with Market Basket workers, Tim Coco.

Victory in Time for Labor Day

Opinion By Tim Coco WHAV President and General Manager History not only was made over the last two months, but Market Basket workers have given the labor movement one of its biggest boosts in years. Last night skeptical employees and supportive customers finally got the news for which they have been waiting. “Effective immediately, Arthur