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‘Starving the Beast’ Examines Anti-Higher Education Think Tanks

‘Starving the Beast’ Examines Anti-Higher Education Think Tanks

This week, the battle you didn’t know was being fought … or lost. Since the 1980s the number of American think tanks has doubled with 31 percent having been created between 1981 and 1990 – that’s the Reagan and Bush administrations for those of you connecting dots. Not all think tanks are conservative, but enough


‘War Dogs’ Works Because of Jonah Hill’s Performance

Movies about scams have proliferated in recent years, especially after the success of “American Hustle” and “Wolf of Wall Street.” The latest of these, “War Dogs,” which shares acting talent with both of these, is based loosely on a “Rolling Stone” expose about two friends, Ephraim and David, who get involved in a government initiative


‘The Infiltrator’ is Decent Popcorn

On the page, “The Infiltrator” seems like been-there, done that fare: Feds chasing drug dealers and their associates around 1980s Miami. The variation here, which is based on a true story from a book written by the real-life main character, is that the Feds at this moment had changed from a follow-the-drugs to a follow-the-money


‘Our Kind of Traitor’ is Sophisticated Tale of Intrigue

It’s rumored that Stanley Kubrick once told John LeCarre that he couldn’t do justice to LeCarre’s novels in two-hour films because of their detail and complexity of plot and character. That hasn’t stopped many from trying, however, sometimes with success. Fortunately, such is the case with the latest, “Our Kind of Traitor,” a sophisticated tale


Ridiculous is the Point of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

One of the best things about “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” is that one need not to have watched the BBC cult TV series to get it. For those that aren’t familiar with the show, it follows the adventures of middle-aged PR guru Edina Monsoon and her best friend, fashion editor/professional lay-about Patsy Stone-as they embark


Abrams Combines Action with Roddenberry Philosophy

As the 50th anniversary of the franchise approaches, we get the 13th motion picture, “Star Trek: Beyond.” It opens with the Enterprise docking at star base Yorktown for shore leave. As some of the regulars deal with personal issues, a distress call comes in from a nearby nebula, to which the always gung-ho Kirk volunteers


‘Neighbors 2’s’ is Funny, but Meaning is Debatable

Most of the time when a numeral follows the title of a reasonably successful raunchy frat-boy comedy, good things are not in store. “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” breaks with this wisdom, continues the story from the first  neighbors movie in 2014, and actually has something to say. The continuing story is that of 30-somethings Mac


‘Elvis & Nixon’ is Worth Catching

Historical footnotes can make good fodder for cinema. They are frequently populated by consequential figures, but aren’t hindered by well-known conclusions. Such is the case for “Elvis & Nixon,” a limited release film, and second attempt at the quirky story of their meeting. The first was a light-weight affair from 1998 called “Elvis Meets Nixon.”