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Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a regular panelist on “Beat the Press,” WGBH-TV’s weekly roundtable program on media issues; maintains a weblog, “Media Nation;” and contributes articles to the Huffington Post and Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab. He has published two books, “Little People: Learning to See the World Through My Daughter’s Eyes” and “The Wired City.” Click on an

John Katsaros

John Katsaros survivied a B-17 bailout in 1944 over France. Airman John Katsaros is captured by the Gestapo. Then he is rescued by the French underground in what begins a perilous quest for freedom through France and Spain. His detailed account unfolds a true story of grit, grace, and pure luck.   Click on an

Dr. Donna Halper

Dr. Donna Halper has spent more than 40 years in broadcasting and print journalism. While she was in radio, she discovered the rock group RUSH, who dedicated two albums to her. Click on an image below for more information.

Tom Bergeron

Tom Bergeron is the current host of Dancing with the Stars, for which he’s received two Primetime Emmy nominations. He is also the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos and the former host of Hollywood Squares, for which he won a Daytime Emmy in 2000. Locally, however, he will always be remembered as the deejay