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Celebrate May Day with May Baskets

Celebrate May Day by surprising family and friends with a May Basket hung on their door. May Baskets like dancing around the Maypole have been associated with May Day for more than a hundred and fifty years. This Northern Hemisphere holiday welcomed warmer weather and what many considered the beginning of summer. Baskets were made

Transplant Potbound Houseplants

Spring is a great time to transplant potbound houseplants. One option is to move them into a slightly, 1 to 2 inches in diameter, larger container. Loosen any circling roots and fill in the extra space with a well-drained potting mix. Adjust watering as needed for the larger container. Clump forming houseplants like ferns, snake

Protect Plants and Containers from Squirrels

Squirrels dig up bulbs, munch on tomatoes and damage containers and hanging baskets.  You’ll need a variety of techniques and some luck to win the battle with these varmints.   Try covering new plantings with netting or floating row covers that allow air and water through to the plants. These barriers may discourage the squirrels

Choose the Best Tomato for Your Favorite Recipes

Sliced, sauced or cooked in your favorite recipe; tomatoes are a favorite and versatile vegetable. And they taste best when grown and harvested from your own garden or container. Ensure the best flavor and greatest results by selecting the most disease-resistant varieties and growing your tomatoes in full sun and moist well-drained soil. Further narrow

Celebrate Earth Day April 22

(Related: See Haverhill Earth Day Cleanup.) Be part of the world’s largest secular celebration and join billions of people around the world as we celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day was the brainchild of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. He wanted to raise awareness and concern for our environment through outreach and education. In