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DIY Seed Tapes and Mats for Easier Planting

DIY Seed Tapes and Mats for Easier Planting

Create your own seed mats indoors for easier planting in the garden. Many of you may have purchased seed tapes or made your own. The tapes make planting small seeds like radishes and carrots much easier. Just lay the tape in the garden row, cover the seeds and water. If you garden intensely in wide


Eco-friendly Control for Fungus Gnats

Don’t worry if you notice small fruit fly-like insects flitting across the room.  It is not a sign of bad housekeeping nor are they harmful to your plants. These small insects, known as fungus gnats, are feeding on the organic matter in the soil.  They are not harmful, but can be annoying.  If possible just


Caring for Indoor Flowering Plants

Fight the winter blues and add a little sparkle to your indoor décor with flowering houseplants. A colorful cyclamen, long-blooming orchid or easy-care anthurium are sure to make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of these beauties. Start with a trip to your favorite florist or garden center. Wander through their plant collection


Heart-Shaped Plants to Give for Valentine’s Day

Looking for something different to give your Valentine this year? How about an indoor plant with heart shaped leaves or flowers. Anthuriums are an easy-to-grow long blooming indoor plant. The red or pink heart shaped flowers rise above glossy green leaves. Pothos and philodendron are easy-to-grow and long time favorites. Select one of the newer


Extend the Life of Cut Spring Flowering Bulbs

Bouquets of tulips, daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs brighten our mood and indoor décor. Maximize your enjoyment with proper selection and care.  Choose flowers in tight or unopened buds just starting to show color. Once home, recut the stems on a diagonal, removing about a half an inch. Place in a clean vase filled


Pollinator-friendly 2017 AAS National Flower Winners

Brighten your garden and containers and bring in the pollinators with these 2017 All-American Selections national flower winners. Plant the 31 to 40″ tall Asian Garden celosia in the garden or mixed border. You’ll enjoy the bushy plants topped by rose-colored flower spikes adding vertical interest to the garden. Add season long color and durability