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You Too Can Lend A Hand

You Too Can Lend A Hand

One of the great privileges I have had since I started volunteering at WHAV has been the chance to research, produce, and air some of the “Community Spotlight” segments that are heard at 15 past the hour every day. These segments inform the listeners about non-profit fund raising events that either benefit members of our

‘Hey Tough Guy. Yeah You!’

Grow up. Stop whining. Suck it up. What do you mean you feel dizzy? Stop complaining? Get your clothes on and go to school. What duh ‘ya mean your ankle hurts? Get back in the game ‘ya sissy! The list of admonitions that a lot of men heard as kids could fill a small book,

Voting Beyond the Ballot Box

Everyone can agree that the election process in our country needs a tune-up. Thousands of voters across the country gave up on waiting in long lines at the polls and walked away without voting. It’s on life support right now, as officials try to add technology to the process, in the hope of getting us