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Haverhill’s Season of Optimism

Haverhill’s Season of Optimism

Harbor Place at White’s Corner. With springtime temperatures and cloudless, sunny skies above the city, the changes to the area between Harbor Place and Haverhill Bank on Merrimack Street certainly looked impressive as I recently strolled along the boardwalk between the two buildings. The soon to be completed Bradford Rail Trail will certainly add a


You Too Can Lend A Hand

One of the great privileges I have had since I started volunteering at WHAV has been the chance to research, produce, and air some of the “Community Spotlight” segments that are heard at 15 past the hour every day. These segments inform the listeners about non-profit fund raising events that either benefit members of our


Differences of Opinion Bolster Our Democracy

I have a hunch that no sooner will I finish posting this column, then someone will post a comment about socialistic leanings that I supposedly hold, or that of the media that carries this column. But, that’s what democracy is all about. Over the course of time leading up to the recent presidential election and