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‘Right to Work’ Law is Really Right to Work for Less

‘Right to Work’ Law is Really Right to Work for Less

If you live in Massachusetts, a number of laws have been enacted and are enforced that benefit workers. Workers are fortunate that unions here have lead the way in securing a decent minimum wage, over time provisions, holidays, occupational safety laws and many more. Unions have been the reason why companies have had to include


‘Hey Tough Guy. Yeah You!’

Grow up. Stop whining. Suck it up. What do you mean you feel dizzy? Stop complaining? Get your clothes on and go to school. What duh ‘ya mean your ankle hurts? Get back in the game ‘ya sissy! The list of admonitions that a lot of men heard as kids could fill a small book,


Voting Beyond the Ballot Box

Everyone can agree that the election process in our country needs a tune-up. Thousands of voters across the country gave up on waiting in long lines at the polls and walked away without voting. It’s on life support right now, as officials try to add technology to the process, in the hope of getting us


Are You That Person?

 Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sometimes, actually, more often than not, some of us feel overwhelmed by the many challenges facing this great country of ours. Earning a living, raising a family, paying down college loans and caring for our parents as they age, can be enough of a challenge for almost


Trump to Declare War Against the Sun

The sun should not continue as a nuclear power, says President-elect Donald Trump. NEWS ITEM—President-elect Donald Trump, stating that he doesn’t really believe that solar energy is economically viable, nor that its growth is in the long term “best interests” of the United States, announced today that one of his first priorities as president will